Jungto Dharma School
- Introduction to Buddhism II -

This course is only available for those who have completed Introduction to Buddhism I. Find more information about Introduction to Buddhism I

Dharma Teacher

Ven. Pomnyun Sunim (법륜스님)
Founder & Guiding Dharma Teacher, Jungto Society

Course Features

Self-Paced Learning

Before each weekly online meeting, listen to the assigned Dharma talks and read Textbook.

Weekly Online Meeting

Meet with your group members and facilitators online for 70 minutes. Each group will consist of 5-8 students and 2 facilitators.

Daily Practice Exercise

Each week, you'll receive a task to apply wisdom in your daily life. Spend 5 minutes reflecting on a given topic and share your thoughts with group members on the Jungto Online Education Platform.

Course Description

Understanding the Buddha’s Life

This course focuses on the life of the Buddha from his birth to parinirvana.

  • The Life of the Buddha
  • The Foundation of the Spreading
  • Examples of Spreading of the Buddha’s Teaching
  • Nirvana of the Buddha and the History of the Buddha’s Teachings
  • Seminars on Special Topics
  •     - What is Sharing II (Advanced)
  •     - Practicing the Ecobuddha in Our Daily Lives
  •     - Experience 1000-Day Practice
  •     - Graduation Retreat

Applying the Buddha’s Teachings to Contemporary Life.

[Sharing in a Group] Sharing is a unique way of creating a collaborative learning environment. The participants will reflect on themselves while speaking about their own experiences and listening to other peoples’ insights, which deepens their understanding of the course materials.

[Weekly Practice Exercise] Students will be given a task each week that will encourage them to apply the Buddha’s wisdom to their daily lives.

Course Overview

PeriodLesson Title
Week 1Opening Ceremony (Attendance is counted for the Opening Ceremony)
Week 2Why Should We Study About the Buddha Today?
Week 3Young Siddhartha’s Question
Week 4In Search of a New Path
Week 5Enlightenment
Week 6Seminar I - What Is Sharing II (Advanced)
Week 7Go and Spread the Dharma for the Comfort of the People
Week 8Paving the Way for Spreading the Dharma with the Buddha's Early Disciples
Week 8Dharma Q&A I with Ven. Pomnyun Sunim (법륜스님)
Week 9The Buddha's Teaching Spreads Throughout India
Week 10Seminar II - Practicing the Ecobuddha in Our Daily Lives
Week 11Breaking Down Various Social Stereotypes I (Class Discrimination)
Week 12Breaking Down Various Social Stereotypes II (Gender Discrimination)
Week 13The Buddha Embraces the Suffering of All with Compassion
Week 14Being Calm and Confident in the Face of Criticism and False Accusations
Week 15Overcoming Conflicts
Week 16Seminar III - Experience 1000-Day Practice
Dharma Q&A II with Ven. Pomnyun Sunim (법륜스님)
Week 17The Path to Nirvana Unhindered by Aging, Sickness, and Death
Week 18The Buddha’s Parinirvana
Week 19The Historical Development of Buddhism
Week 20Seminar IV - Graduation Retreat
Week 21Graduation Ceremony


Weekly Group Meeting

Every Tuesday for 70 minutes

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* Refund Policy: If you cancel on or before March 27, 2023, you will receive a full refund of your registration fee.

  • Anyone, regardless of religion, age, or academic background, can register for the course.
  • Registration Fee: $150 USD
  • Your Weekly Commitment: Online group meetup (70 min.) + self-paced learning (video & reading material 60-90 min.) + practice exercise (5 min. per day)
  • Once the class is full(100 seats), a waitlist will be turned on.
Every Thursday for 20 weeks
Evening classes: 5 time zones (PT,ET, KST, AET, CET). 
Morning classes: Pacific and Eastern time zones in North America


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