1000-Day Practice

“Practice is the process of getting to know who you are by closely observing yourself here and now.”

– Ven. Pomnyun Sunim (법륜스님)


What is Practice?

The goal of practice is to change your inner self and has nothing to do with increasing your power or ability. It is about letting go of any negative responses that arise in you, such as insecurity, anxiety, worries, sadness, distress, emptiness, stress, anger, frustration, hate, and resentment. It is possible for everyone to lead a relaxed and easy-going life. That is why we say, “everyone is a Buddha” and “everyone can be happy.” Anyone can do it, but it is not easy.  Read More → 

how it works

40-Minute Daily Practice

Every morning, Jungto practitioners practice for 40 minutes to 1 hour in their own space, at their own pace. While doing the 108 bows, we reflect on the previous day and repent any actions, words, or thoughts that go against the five precepts, resolving not to do them again. During meditation, we focus on here and now in order to free ourselves from negative thoughts and emotions. The daily sutra reading helps us attain wisdom. After practice, we share what we felt or realized with fellow practitioners.

THe purpose

Why 1,000 Days?

Dedicated to individual happiness and the realization of Jungto, the members of Jungto Society began 10,000-Day Practice in March 1993. With the belief that one’s karma can be changed if 3 years (appx. 1,000 Days) are devoted and one society can be changed if 30 years are dedicated, thousands of practitioners have joined 1000-Day Practice to make their lives freer and this world happier.

Regardless of religion, gender, and nationality, anyone who pursues true happiness and freedom can join 1000-Day Practice. If this is your first time for practice, you can get started by joining us on any upcoming opening ceremony.

* The opening ceremonies are held every 100 days, via Zoom.


Practice, Donate, and Volunteer

We believe that true happiness comes from helping others. While you engage in 1000-Day Practice, you are encouraged to donate at least one dollar a day and do one good deed a day. Together, we can make the world a better place to live.

Hear from Fellow Practitioners


Daily Morning Practice

Estimated Time : 40 minutes 


Chamhoe and 108 Bows

Keeping the meaning of Chamhoe (Repentance) and your aspiration in mind, perform each bow while reflecting upon and repenting for your past actions.



Meditate for 10 minutes to calm your mind. Close your eyes and straighten your back. Observe the breath as you inhale and exhale.


Daily Sutra

Read Today’s Sutra to attain wisdom. A piece of reading material will be provided for your daily mindfulness.


Log Your Progress (Sharing)

Recognize your state of mind during today’s practice. Leave a short note of how you feel in your online group room.

Opening Schedule

Upcoming:  April 21, 2024

You can get started on any opening ceremony day for your 100-day practice challenge.
This is a 100% self-paced, self-managed program supported by our community facilitators.

Are you ready to make
your life freer and happier?

Join 10,000+ practitioners from all around the world. Regardless of religion, gender, and nationality, anyone who pursues happiness and freedom can join 1000-Day Practice. Choose any opening ceremony day, and do not hesitate to ask any questions to your group facilitator.

If you are new to Jungto, you can also ask any questions or request an invitation via the Contact Us page.

THE NEXT 100-Day Starts on

April 21, 2024