How to Join

“Practice is the process of getting to know who you are by closely observing yourself here and now.”

– Ven. Pomnyun Sunim

1000-Day Practice
Since 1993

Dedicated to individual happiness and the realization of Jungto, the members of Jungto Society began 10,000-Day Practice in March 1993. With the belief that one’s karma can be changed if 3 years are devoted and one society can be changed if 30 years are dedicated, thousands of practitioners have joined 1000-Day Practice to make their lives freer and happier.

Regardless of religion, gender, and nationality, anyone who pursues happiness and freedom can join 1000-Day Practice. Opening ceremonies are held every 100 days.


August 28th 2022

How to Get Started

Request an Invitation

First, check the schedule below and request an invitation by the opening ceremony day.

Check Your Email

We will send you the email that guides you on how to join the online ceremony via Zoom.

Get Welcomed

During the ceremony, you will listen to the Dharma by Ven. Pomnyun Sunim and learn how to practice.

The 1000-Day Practice has already helped me. It has started to build up discipline, change my bad habits, and has reduced my stress. I have started to make my day a little bit easy, not become too attached to outcomes, and learn the art of letting go.
Chetan Raj

Schedule of the 10th 1000-Day Practice

You can join 100-Day Practice from any opening ceremony day.
Click the button below to request an invitation.

The Next Opening Ceremony:  August 28th, 2022.

Date Event Status
The 1st 100-Day Opening Ceremony
May 8th 2020 (Sun)
The 2nd 100-Day Opening Ceremony
June 14th 2020 (Sun)
The 3rd 100-Day Opening Ceremony
September 20th 2020
The 4th 100-Day Opening Ceremony
January 3rd 2021
The 5th 100-Day Opening Ceremony
April 18th 2021
The 6th 100-Day Opening Ceremony
July 18th 2021
The 7th 100-Day Opening Ceremony
October 31st 2021
The 8th 100-Day Opening Ceremony
February 6th 2022
The 9th 100-Day Opening Ceremony
May 22nd 2021
The 10th 100-Day Opening Ceremony
August 28th 2022