People of Jungto: Jungto Practitioners


Various characteristics of different individuals come together and form a mosaic Buddha, creating a new civilization of love, harmony, and peace

Jungto practitioners live in the following way:

1. We see everything is interdependent Based on the realization that everything in this world is interdependent, we seek to live in harmony with all beings and be happy together.

2. We pursue a harmony of work and practice We seek to bring social changes through the power of individual practice of self-reflection that transforms our lives. Jungto practitioners pray and make a vow each day to cultivate open mind, become good friends with all beings, and live harmoniously with the nature to keep our planet Earth clean.

3. We actively participate in voluntary work We do not expect compensation for the work we do for ourselves. Today, around 300 full-time volunteers are working for Junto Society. Since everything we do to make this world “Jungto” is done for our own benefit, we are happy to do various kinds of volunteer work without expecting anything in return. Volunteering is an act of love and the way one can play a leading role in this world.

4. We do Ten-Thousand-Day Practice Jungto Society is doing Ten-Thousand-Day Jungto Practitioner Movement with the goal of making this world “Jungto”. When you do 100-day practice, you can realize your true self. When you do 1,000-day practice, you can change yourself and your karma. When you do 10,000-day practice, you can change the world you are living in. Jungto Practitioners vow to change themselves as well as the world they live in.

5. We promote Jungto Practitioner (Jungto Haengja) Movement We are creating communities where no discrimination and isolation exist. Anyone who seeks to change the society through individual practice can become a Jungto practitioner. Jungto practitioners are resolved to make their own destiny and change the world through Buddhist practice, volunteer work, and donations.