Member Organizations of Jungto Society

1.     JTS (Join Together Society), International relief organization
JTS is committed to eradicating famine, disease, and illiteracy in many Asian countries such as India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and North Korea. JTS is planning to expand its activities to other Asian countries including Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

2. GOOD FRIENDS, Center for Peace, Human Rights and Refugees
We will be good friends with all beings.
Peace is a wish of all mankind. 'Good Friends' works for the world where all beings live peacefully without wars. Good Friends is committed to actively promoting human rights and well being of refugees and displaced people in Asia and beyond. Good Friends particularly provides humanitarian assistance to North Korean refugees.

3. Peace Foundation
The Peace Foundation is a private research institute established in 2004 to bring permanent peace, stability, and unification to the Korean Peninsula. The Peace Foundation maintains its impartial and neutral stance, free from association with any particular ideology, doctrine, or political party. It seeks to contribute to a peaceful world by garnering national consent and promoting open discussions on various social and political issues in the society.

We seek to live in harmony with the nature
Ecobuddha campaigns for ecological awareness and promotes living a simple life (i.e., eating less, consume less, and being more diligent). Based on the Buddha’s teaching to respect all living beings, Ecobuddha establishes new environmental ethics, educates people from all walks of life about the importance of natural environment, and puts ecological life styles into practice in our everyday life. Ecobuddha organizes Ecology Camps and promotes Zero-Waste Campaign, encouraging people to empty their plates at every meal and avoid using disposable products through Clean Plate Campaign.